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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 19, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: while president obama relaxes on martha's vineyard, markets slide again. images show how desperate many americans are to find work. republican presidential candidates are working over the newest entry in the race. rick perry. critics say that president new immigration policy amounts to backdoor amnesty. live in the studio in washington, this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. wall street closed out the fourth consecutive negative week today during which the dow has lost almost 15% of the value. day after dropping 419 points, dow lost 173. the s&p 500 down 17. nasdaq closed 28.5 behind. while this was going on, president obama spent the first full day of vacation on martha's vineyard playing golf and getting family time.
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his advisors worked hard to portray him in the best possible light. in what is a dark economic time for many americans. chief white house correspondent ed henry is with the president. >> reporter: white house aides made sure the first video emphasized president. as casual president took his daughters browsing for books in the afternoon. when they emerged with a bag of books, no sign of voters angry over economic pain. earlier in the morning, the white house made sure reporters got an official photo of a president at work. with an ultra serious look on his face, as he received a national security briefing. but later in the afternoon, the president played at the vineyard golf club no cameras allowed here. though we were able to get pictures of the president driving a cart. golf may not be the best image in contrast to seeds of despair. playing out in cities like atlanta, where the congressional black caucus sponsored a job fair.
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>> we may not do as well as my parents. we were just talking about that. not just for urban people but for a lot of americans. that's really a sad commentary. >> reporter: there were only 80 employers on hand but thousands of potential employees showed up. waited so long in the heat, 20 people were treated for heat exposure and exhaustion. prompting congresswoman maxine waters who attended the job fair to repeat the headline-grabbing warning she issued earlier in week at detroit town hall about time running out on liberal patience with the president. >> my need to support the president does not trump my need to be a responsible united nationunited states repr. it must not and the ku cuss must not supplant th -- caucus t supplant the needs to support anybody. >> reporter: another member of the caucus, john lewis, told fox the criticism is overblown. >> i don't have any issue with the president. he is a friend.
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i call him brother president sometimes. i've known him for a few year years. he is doing the best he can. >> white house aides shrugged off criticism as if they're not worried about the political fall-out. three top political advisors dade axelrod -- david axelrod and others are fanning out to do the talk shows. >> bret: ed henry live in martha's vineyard. thank you. unemployment increased in 28 states and fell in nine and remained unchanged in 19. the numbers are similar to those from june. nationwide, economy added 117,000 jobs in july. the up employment rate fell to 9.1%. republican presidential contenders are trying to get their stock rising by gaping up on the new guy. chief political correspondent carl cameron reports texas governor rick perry has become everyone's punching bag.
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>> gesturing ennews yasticly, texas governor rick perry was pleased to be back in south carolina. the state with the nation's first southern primary and was cheered for disinviting those who disagree with him on government reform. >> individuals who want more government and more debt, well, they need to go with the other side. because we're all about smaller government, we're all about making government work. we're all about cutting taxes. cutting regulations, and cutting litigation. >> perry has be criticized since entering the rate among others rick santorum for saying he is fine with new york and other state legalizing gay mayor as state rights. jon huntsman ridiculed perry's doubt about manmade global warming and evolution. long-time critic ron paul who suggested that perry may not survive much more scrutiny from the press and public. >> ask me in two weeks. we don't know. this might be a splash. who knows what it is. >> military families and evangelical christians often
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decide g.o.p. primary. perry is a vet, devout christian and texas style southerner and knows failing to win that primary could ripple his candidacy. and there are obstacles. >> i was the number one winner the iowa straw poll last week. >> michele bachmann is pushing for pastors and families in south carolina, too, but perry's entrance in the race grabbed many headlines. bachmann's misstatements aren't helping. she told a christian broadcasters that americans are afraid of other rising nations including the long de,500ed soviet union there is a fear that the united states is in unstoppable decline. they see the rise of china, rise of india and the rise of soviet union and are lost militarily going forward. all candidates tonight are watching this video. a strong up-beat video by sarah palin's political action committee highlighting the former actually governor and recent visit to the iowa state fair. patriotic political themes, enthusiasm and images tailor
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made to advertise presidential run and amp up the speculation she will. >> she is pretty down to earth. she is awesome. >> spot runs two minutes. advertisement for her next big event, also going to be packed with symbolism. it's in iowa. the lead off caucus state. co-headline with the tea party, influential group on labor day weekend when campaigns traditionally shift in higher gear; particularly, in iowa and new hampshire. bret? >> bret: we should say, she is still a fox news contributor. >> we're watching. >> bret: carl, thank you. after failing to get any immigration reform legislation through congress, obama administration has announceed it will change some of the rules on its open. the national correspondent catherine herridge has reaction to the new policy. >> critics say the obama administration decision to launch a case-by-case review of the illegal immigrants slated for deportation amounts to a backdoor amnesty. >> effectively what they're saying is the you come to the country and overstay a visa or enter illegally. as long as you don't commit a
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violent felony, or you're a gap banger, we won't bother with you. >> in this letter to senate democrats, homeland security secretary janet napolitano whose department overseas the deportation said the policy would enhance public safety focusing resources on those posing a threat to public safety and national security. supporters say it's not backdoor amnesty but smart law enforcement. >> look, we have undocumented population. the size of the population of the state of ohio. we have to make decisions, prioritize who we go after. two the high targets that are really important? >> striking a degree to which the new policy mirrors the dream act supported by president obama but failed to pass in congress. under the new plan, homeland security and the justice department will review as many as 300,000 cases. in a effort to reduce the backlog and focus on criminals. in deciding whether to pursue a case, the government immigration attorneys are told to consider 19 factors, exercising, "prosecutorial
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discretion." list includes factors virtually identical to the dream act. those who arrive in the u.s. as chirp, served in the military or sought a education here. arizona governor january brewer is one of the president's arrest dept critics. >> he is -- ardent critics. >> he is encouraging more illegal immigration. it's against the law. >> in a written statement, brewer said we need to remind president obama we elected a president that serves beneath the law and did not anoint a king above the law. earlier in summer in senate hearing on the dream act, secretary napolitano seemed to telegraph the administration future direction. >> it doesn't make sense from a law enforcement perspective to expend limited law enforcement resources, on young people, who pose no threat to public safety. >> no political decision of this magnitude is made in a vacuum. critics point to july gallup poll that suggest support most hispanics. obama slipped 20 point since
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taking office. they say the new policy is smart use of limited taxpayer dollars. >> bret: thank you. >> you're welcome. join me tonight 10:00 p.m. eastern time for special look at former vice president dick cheney. here is a sample. >> as the 2004 election approached, chain chain was willing to do more than take a backseat. he was willing to step aside for a new running mate. >> he offered to step down in 2004. >> he did. >> i was impressed that the vice president during election would say if you think you can strengthen the ticket, i will move on, no hard feelings. a noble gesture on his part. every vice president ought to do that for the president. >> you gave it some thought? >> of course. absolutely. i thought about it and decided it didn't make any sense. >> cheney revealed airs tonight at 10 zer p.m. eastern time. cheney's boss held quite a few fundraisers during his first term. but does anyone compare to
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defense secretary leon panetta today indicate in an interview with "stars and stripes" newspaper that progress is being made on an agreement to keep noncombat troops in iraq past the end of the year. pentagon says no deal in place yet. position confirmedpy advisor to iraqi prime minister nouri al-maliki. all miles per hour combat troops are scheduled to be withdrawn from iraq. before the start of next year. activists in syria say government troops fired at thousand of protesters in several cities today. crackdown on dissent continues despite thursday's call from others for regime change. senior white house foreign affairs correspondent goleta reports op what options are left with the administration.
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>> syrian security forces killed more than a dozen protesters a day after president obama and european leaders called for bashar assad to step down. amateur video refuted assad's claim that military and police operations had ended. -up officials say assad's forces may have committed crimes against humanity. state department spokeswoman victoria nulland says the u.s. not considering military intervention. >> that is not the preferred option for anybody. not in the first instance for syrians themselves. it's been very interesting to see them take the nonviolent route. >> u.s. official res ject comparisons between syria and libya, where nato forces are pushing muammar gaddafi from power under a u.n. mandate to protect libyan civilian. president obama drew fire for launching that fight without congressional authorization. and then for turning it over to our allies. liberal columnist eugene robinson says the combination of troop stretched thin by
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deployment by afghanistan and iraq and pressure to cut defense spending to lower deficit means there is no military option in syria. defense secretary michael o'hanlan agrees. >> i don't think there is a regime change option, iraq style of 2003. if there is, i could assume it's one the country is in no mood for. >> some think syria and iran were behind the coordinated attack in southern israel to distract the attention from the uprising like an incident in may where they sent refugees over the border. the u.s. stopped short of blaming them for this week's attack but warped them to stay out of syria's uprising. >> secretary clinton said yesterday the only friend that syria seems to have left in the international community is iran. all of us are saying to iran to keep its hands off this thing. >> reporter: they are tightening the noose around
6:16 pm
assad but won't predict when they will push him from power. it's failed to top the libyan leader thus far. >> bret: live at the state department. thank you. speaks of libya, forces loyal to libya launched counter attack against strategic city of zawiha after they captured the main square this afternoon. rebels are trying to take full control of the city and tighten the noose around tripoli. alex crawford of the sister network sky news is with the rebels. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: this is a stronger, better armed zawiya. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: they have help in the form of extra fighters who join them from the mountains and neighboring tow towns. they have many more weapons
6:17 pm
and ammunition. freshly delivered and some still in their packaging. donated by their foreign allies. but still chaos on the front line with many used to handling the gift. that was a misfire by a rebel who accidentally triggered his weapon and hit the building where many of his fellow fighters are sheltering. even so, they appear to have the numbers and the will to continue fighting. graffiti message sums up how many feel here. they're fighting and are holed up in buildings in the square. root them out of here and they know they have the soldiers on the run. they are bringing in reinforcements, they feel this is a turning point in the bat to get control of the square. it's been several hours now, firefight, the hotel is on fire. they really believe they are
6:18 pm
on the brink of recapturing the square. >> losing the city will have a significant impact on the gaddafi regime supply route rout.the proximity to the capitl makes it an important strategic prize. the mood among the rebels is buoyant right now. they are taking injuries and there is constant shelling east of the town. but this is not the intensive pounding from the gadhafi military they have suffered in the past. that is rebel fire power you're hearing and they say they will clear the town of the gaddafi systems in days. >> how are you doing? >> doing good. but there is some rockets coming. they are hit. >> are you near victory?
6:19 pm
>> yes. we are near victory. >> with little evidence of backup support from the regime troop so far, the rebels are becoming increasingly confident. they're already have tripoli in their sights. but that could be a very different battle altogether. alex crawford, sky news. >> bret: more on this with the panel later. still ahead, we'll have reports from afghanistan. and israel op new violence there. straight ahead, the increasingly high price of higher education. what some families have to do to pay for it. you! [ barks ] yeah, it's new beneful healthy fiesta. gotta love the protein for muscles-- whoo-hoo! and omega-rich nutrition for that shiny coat. ever think healthy could taste so good? [ woman announcing ] new beneful healthy fiesta.
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>> bret: the federal government is opening up more
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area in the gulf of mexico for oil and gas drilling. auction in december will offer tens of millions of acres for the first time since last year's massive oil spill. the interior department will charge minimum of $100 perric pr acre. how many times have you heard to get a good job you need a good education? but paying for that education has become difficult for many people. chief washington correspondent james rosep looks at how far in debt some people have to go. >> see that squiggly blue line that grew by more than 100% starting in 1999 and then started falling off a bit in early 2009? that according to total reserve data is household debt in america, not including student loans. all auto loans, credit card bill and mortgage debt in america through the period of the great housing boom and bust. now see the squiggly red line? that according to the fed is all outstanding student loan debt in america. phenomenal growth over the same period of more than 511%.
6:24 pm
surging at the rate of $100 billion a year and set to reach $1 trillion by the end of this year. >> student loan debt has become make row economic factor and it affects the economy. students graduating with excessive debt are more likely to delay buying a car, buying a house, getting married, having chirp, saving for the retirement. >> a key factor is rising tuition. grant aid is scarcer. then there is the job market. unemployed and underemployed college grads are making it more common for children loan payment to run more than 90 days past due. unlike with more gam default, student loan is never forgiven. instead, delinquent student borrower reconciliation hounded for life. >> certainly students have the role. there are individual consumers that we need them to make wise and appropriate choices where they go to school and the payment options. >> unemployment rate for those with a college degree last month was just over 4%. for those with only high
6:25 pm
school dilemma, jobless rate was more than twice as high. in washington, james rosen, fox news. >> bret: we'll see if president obama got his facts straight on the midwestern bus tour coming up. is it fair to call him fundraiser and chief? answer in the grapevine. # an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement ailable only with liberty mutual auto insurance, if your car's totaled, we give you the money for a car one model year newer. to learn more, visit us today. responsibility. what's your policy? in one place. ♪ the front-row tickets you never bought. the lucrative investment you never made. the exotic vacation you never took.
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>> bret: now fresh pickings
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from the political grapevine. president obama said this week, help was phone call away. for a corn farmer who had questions about potential regulations. >> if you ever have a question as to whether we're putting something in place to make it harder for you to farm, contact usda, contact them directly. >> a reporter for politico did that. tried to. she said she was bounced from the usd hotline to the illinois department of agriculture, to the illinois farm bureau, back to various agencies within the illinois a.g. department, ag department. to a local usda office which asked if she tried googling her question, to the illinois natural resources con sr.vation service. finally the usda media relations told her the subject matt evidence does not fall within the department jurisdiction. bottom line, still no answer to the farmer's question. president obama is out-pacing his predecessors in the fundraising department. "usa today" reports he has
6:30 pm
headlined 127 events since taking office. compare that to his five most recent predecessors. at that point in their first terms. george w. bush at 88. bill clinton, 76. george h.w. bush, 90. ronald reagan, 63. jimer carter was at 44 events. speaking of fundraisers, republican presidential candidate mitt romney has been criticizing the president's vacation on martha's vineyard, saying it's the wrong time and wrong place on the iland. the former governor opened himself to criticism because next week, romney has $2500 per person event on you guessed it, martha's vineyard. romney's camp points out their candidate is from massachusetts. the island stop is not a vacation and he will leave after the fundraiser. fighting intensified today following thursday's brazen attack on israel that came through egypt. correspondent leland vittert
6:31 pm
is at the israeli-gaza border. >> year night, israel's revenge was swift and fierce. 12 militants sites destroyed deluding training camp, smuggling tunnel and safe house belonging to popular resistance committee. five of the top leadership died in the attack. decapitating the group israel blames for highly sophisticated, coordinated assault thursday against two buses, car and army jeep that killed eight israelis and injuried 33 others. the group itself denied responsibility for the attack, which exploited a loosely guarded stretch of the egyptian border that leads to the lawless sinai desert and involving sneaking heavy weapons in israel. gaza based militants retaliated for the event, launching missiles in town woulding step when one exploded outside religious school. the low-grade tit-for-tat didn't stop at both sides buried their dead. israelis defiant.
6:32 pm
gazans angry. >> we are ready to retaliate. as this crime will not go up punished. >> israel heightened security along the 150-mile long border with egypt. where the first wave of attackers snuck over thursday and hit near israel's resort town of alant. it's important to note what we don't see here along the israeli gaza border. no build-up of troops, no tanks reinforcements and no helicopter gunship pounding away. while the virtuous quality of restraint is always in short supply, it appears as though the israelis don't want to go town the path of another war. the next 48 hours will tell us if hamas is happy to go back to a hot truce, or if they are looking to pick a fight. along the israeli-gaza border, leland vittert, fox news. >> bret: at least eight people were killed when suicide attackers hit a british compound in afghanistan capital city today.
6:33 pm
connor powell reports a day intended for remembrance for one thing will now will remembered for another. >> it was supposed to be a day celebrating afghan independence. 92 years that the war-torn nation won independence from great britain. instead, taliban fighters stormed a british government cultural center in kabul. >> this is an attack, designed to attack british interest. ultimately, ending the deaths of many afghans. >> several loud explosions rocked kabul, wood and metal debris strewn along the street as the six-hour gup battle raged. weeks ago, security responsele for capital city was transferred to afghan authorities. today, u.s., british and new zealand troops rushed to the aid of afghan security forces in recent months the taliban have been focusing less on military targets and more op soft targets, afghan politicians and civilian building for the sole purpose of disrupting transition. since march, seven prominent afghan officials have been
6:34 pm
assassinated, including president hamid karzai's brother. the taliban learned in recent year they can't defeat u.s. and coalition forces on the battlefield but they found a new strategy. >> what they do have the ability to do is create terror and intimidate people. make them less investive in the government, less safe and secure in the own environment. that they achieve very well. >> confidence in the weak afghan government is low. fear is slowing the pace of building it up. with the u.s. combat troops scheduled to leigh by 2014. every day, coalition forces spend battling insurgents and supposedly safe parts of the country like kabul, makes the process of transferring security responsibility to afghan in a more violent areas seep less likely to succeed in cuble, cop nowhere powell, fox news. >> bret: 4 # people were killed when they struck a mosque in friday's prayers. 85 more bar wounded. it happened in a village in a
6:35 pm
tribal region. 300 people were in the mosque. the first major attack in pakistan in the muslim holy month of ramadan. we will talk about the obama administration apparent new immigration policy when the fox all-stars join me. after the break.
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it simply doesn't make sense from a law enforcement perspective to expend limited law enforcement resources on young people who pose no threat to public safety, have grown up here and want to contribute to our country by serving in the military or going to college. >> we have immigration laws in the united states. they're supposed to be enforced. you know, the people of america, they simply don't understand what he is doing. >> the obama administration launched a new policy. they say it will enhance public safety and just focus resources on those illegal
6:39 pm
immigrants who threaten public safety and national security. semily. they are launching a case-by-case review of the legal immigrants slated for deportation. critics call this backdoor amnesty that has not gone through congress. bring in the panel. steve hayes, for stand stand. arn"weeklystandard." nina easton. and charles krauthammer. >> one thing, this reflects a political calculation, a realistic calculation by the president. the approval ratings are kind of falling like untethered elevator at this point. he is in the doghouse with the latino voters. he came in with the expectation there would be some level of immigration reform. instead what he focused on is deportation to tune of 400,000 a year. that has the lay te know community extremely angry. so he is moving, i think
6:40 pm
moving toward the policy. yes, it's a backdoor policy. i think that the problem with it is that it misses the component when you leave people here, it misses the component of amnesty, which most of the public supports, which earning your way here. it's too bad that the political atmosphere became so poisonous over this question of path to citizen, by the way, three-quarters of the american people supports that we, the he is not going through the front door with the policy. >> steve, what is striking to a lot of people how similar it looks to the dream act. that did not get through congress. semily it sets up 19 factors, government immigration attorneys have to consider. when exercising their decision about deportation. this is very similar to the act that didn't get through. >> that is not a coincidence. what i think makes it most striking the president said he was not going to take this route. he said this about number of issues. not going to move by executive
6:41 pm
action where it's preferable to move something through congress. the fact of the matter is he couldn't move the dream act back when he had democratic congress. he wasn't going to do it with the republican congress. but he needs as nina suggests to be able to say something to i think increasingly agitated hispanic democratic community that wants him to do something. and this is that something. i don't think it's likely to have much of an immediate impact. but he is going to be able to say when he goes to give speeches a year from now, in front of hispanic groups i did this. i did this. >> charles, july 25, speech to the national council of la raza, the president said i know some people want me to bypass congress a change the laws on my own but that is not how the system works that is not how democracy functions, that is not how the constitution is written. >> he is right about that. he did it anyway and he would agree it's lawless. under the constitution, the
6:42 pm
executive executes the law that congress passed. this is a law congress explicitly rejected. on the grounds of prosecutorial discretion and law enforcement. this is not the first time. they try to do this cap and trade. where it was rejected in the congress. now trying to enact it on their own. in this case we heard from the secretary of homeland security it doesn't make sense. it's not her job to decide which law make sense. it's not her job, or the president's job to enact a law rejected because he has electoral needs next year. even though i would have sympathy with the young people who get deported in these cases, imagine what it does. it tells the world anybody who wants to come to america you jump the fence if you are young and attractive, you will get to stay here.
6:43 pm
you will get work permit here and maybe even earn citizenship. the millions of people around the world waitin waiting in line illegal and patiently are chumps for not doing it your way. >> can i just say, i think the whole deportation issue raises the question once again what do we do with the 11, 12 and some say up to 16 million people who are here? >> that is what supporters are saying. supporters of the administration say we have undocumented population the size of the state of ohio roughly. there has to be decision about prioritizing targets, which to go after first and which ones don't matter right now. that's their point of view. >> it isn't as if this government which spend $3.5 trillion a year wouldn't have the resources to hire some people who would to the backlog. i would take the ethanol subsidy and take a sixth of it. billion dollars a year. it's not as if we have no capacity of deciding all of these cases.
6:44 pm
if we had an epidemic of robbery, we wouldn't say well, given our resources, only those who killed somebody will be prosecuted. everyone else gets a pass. in this case, what i think is really important is that nobody is calling for deportation of 11 million people. this is 300,000. in the end, the answer to your question about the 11th million is if you shut the boarder, you seriously make an attempt to say that this is the last cohort of illegals, we're serious about this. we are going to build a fence. i guarantee you majority of americans would say in that case, last cohort yes. let's absurd them. give them a dignified life here. have them live in dignity. but you have to shut the border first. >> for some republicans, who supported the dream act or spoke about it in positive
6:45 pm
light, steve. is this somewhat of a relief to them? that the president has done this. they don't have to vote on this issue. essentially, supporting those who have grown up and want to contribute to the country and serve the military and go to college. people like senator mccain and others who have said this, but then they don't have to vote on it. >> i don't think it is. because this doesn't solve the broader problem. the reason this is objectionm beyond what we mentioned here it doesn't come in the right context. if it were part of a broader legislative package that would do some of the things that charles is talk about ta, would strengthen border security, in that context, you can see people saying well, we have to do this kind of prioritization. and this is the way we ought to do it. but in the absense of that kind of broader argument, you are not actually going anything to solve the problem. so this in effect is making perpetuating the problem rather than solving it. >> down the line, is this upheld in the court? >> probably, yes. probably. the president has a lot of
6:46 pm
leeway. >> law enforcement resource issue. you can make that argument. but just going back to another piece of what sieb was saying. it's missing that earnings component. earn your citizen. it's missing that. that is what the miles per hour people is going to react to. >> charles? >> i think it's procedurally scandalous. but i think with enough good lawyering, they could find a clause. old laws that would justify having triage. that is what they argue of the grounds for doing this. clearly a violation of the spirit of how our laws are put together. >> bret: next up, the friday lightning round including the latest on syria. do you think president bashar assad will resign, step down? vote in the online poll on the home page, results after this break. ♪
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every week, viewers vote for your choice online. in our friday lightning round poll. this week, president obama's vacation, won with 43% of the votes. we talked about it before and back with the panel. what about it? the first full day and the images and in this environment, steve? >> they are going to try to control the images but i don't think it will matter. the problem is he is tone deaf on the issue of sarah palin said yesterday. the real problem is if you talk to people and spend time outside of washington, d.c., you talk to people, people are really struggling. people, you know, at virtually all economic levels. people who are middle class miles per hours, who might have jobs, tightening their belt to afford things that were afterthoughts a couple years ago. here is president is playing golf on martha's vineyard. i don't begrudge the president
6:51 pm
of the united states to take a vacation. he deserves one. but the images and optics op this up with are bad for him politically. >> it's the august habit of the media to attack any president, republican or democrat, for going on vacation. it's just, they're not allowed to go on vacation. i want to make a historical note. the world war ii on the horizon, fdr went on a week's long cruise. he came back with lemlese. he dreamed that up on the cruise and that enabled the british to stand up to nazi germany, temporarily. >> bret: you think something good could come out of martha ice vip yard. >> i hope for the plan to bring us to 6% unemployment. >> if obama returns with the equivalent, i'll become a democrat. see if he can do it. the odds are small. >> bret: there are conspiracy people, theories out there that you are hidden. >> the longest running sleeper in the history of america. 30 years, secret agent.
6:52 pm
>> the problem is at the end of the bus tour, he said i know what to do and i'll announce it when i come back. a lot of people are hurting. if he knew what to do and he has answer and a plan and a program, why wouldn't he give it immediately and start helping people? that is in the back of people's minds. >> bret: before the break, we asked you will syrian president bashar assad resign? 95% said no. 5% said yes in the unscientific poll. charles? >> in that part of the world you don't resign. here you resign and you end up on the ranch, even nixon ended up having a good retirement. you don't end up with a good retirement. you end up dead. he and the others who run syria ruthlessly are either going to win or going to die. so i don't see it happening. i think what is important that happened this week, the europeans are working on a boycott of syrian oil.
6:53 pm
that would have extremely important effect. it would be the best step we could take in the west. >> bret: often people say sanctions don't work in big picture but it depends what the sanctions are. >> it depends what they are. it works in the context of broader panoply of things. this is the first chapter of a continueed long war. in syria. the good thing about this week for the obama perspective is we don't have image of assad as a reformment. keep in mind, john kerry perpetuated this a few months ago. hillary clinton was embracing the idea this guy is a reformer. that's behind us at least and at least we isolated regime, us and the europeans and isolated regime that is isolated in the arena. that is progress. >> the state department today broadcast we won't use
6:54 pm
military force against bashar assad without calling for saber rattling or threatping the use of military force. foolish in extreme to take it off the table. that said is what we are looking at is a policy failure from both administration. the second part of the bush administration when we had an opportunity to squeeze assad and make him do what we wanted him to do or encourage him strongly to change his behavior. we opted not to do them. largely because we wanted him to participate in the peace process. then you look at the engagement, the obama administration tried, sending ambassador, talking to assad as reformer. it's failed. this is what happens when you have regime and dictator that is the nature that assad is. >> bret: quickly, earlier in week we showed a string of sound bites from the administration saying muammar gaddafi's days are numbered. what is the number? >> the days are numbered. it may be a big number but the days are numbered. this has been going back and
6:55 pm
forth over the past two months. it sounds like the rebels starting to get it together. the fighting sounds to have been good for rebels. see where it can go. >> the rebel leaders are surprise at the lack of counteraction from gaddafi's forces. the on the ground story, the proposition that the days are numbered. >> i hate to be a pessimist, but all of our days are numbered. his will be a couple of months. the real issue is the rebels who are advancing from the west. we don't know. they are not be benghazi rebels that we recognize. what will happen afterwards? i'm not sure any of us have a plan or know who the people are. >> bret: that is it for panel. stay tuned to see how president obama stacks up against some of the world's foreign leaders.
6:56 pm
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>> finally tonight, a number of newspapers recently featured photos of russian prime minister vladimir putin and russian president medeved to look rugged. one look at how president obama compares after his recent bus tour across the u.s. >> while putin is in siberia bagging tigers, what did obama bag in his safari through the midwest? >> he got a pie. come on, obama. at least throw it at a puma! >> bret: don't forget the dick cheney special tonight 10:00 eastern time and i'll be anchoring "fox news su